The world is a changing place green is the new black, and today customers expect more from the retail outlets and designers.  I started Notion Fashion because I wanted to make a difference not only do I believe that customer deserve a higher standard of luxury designer clothing shopping in New Zealand but they also want to see more designers continuing to improve their sustainable fashion standards.  At Notion Fashion we believe in making a difference by introducing more sustainable fashion designers into the mix and we complement this sustainable standard by packaging our garments in the truly outstanding rock paper packaging from Porter Packaging and we deliver in Dunedin by hand in rock paper and for the rest of New Zealand we use compostable courier bags from the . I still even see Dunedin retailers sending packaging out in a plastic courier bag this is not cool any more. People want change and we want to keep this planet we live on, because there is no planet B. We can also do our bit for the environment by buying quality made clothing from fashion designers and even better by buying recycled leather garments from Better World Fashion.  


I picked up Better World Fashion from a sustainable blog and loved them from the start.  I have a fascination with scandinavian design and if you visit The Notion Fashion Studio at 102 Musselburgh Rise, Dunedin you can see the scandi styling for yourself.  From Denmark Better World Fashion’s 98% recycled leather jackets hang on Normann Copenhagen racking from Denmark. A good mix I think!!! We are proud at Notion Fashion to be the first in New Zealand to support Better World Fashion from Denmark and we totally believe in Better World Fashion’s concept and beliefs towards sustainable fashion and making the planet a better place to live for future generations.  


Making the world we live in better is important to Notion Fashion as we sit on the outskirts of South Dunedin where 3000 homes will be affected by Climate Change as they are less than 50cm above sea level.  This will be horrific to Dunedin City but we can start to change this around slowly if everyone does there little bit by being more sustainable and more focused on protecting the environment. By buying quality made designer fashion you are buying quality clothing that will last longer and is more unique, by buying recycled designer fashion you are taking it to the next level of sustainable fashion.  



I asked Better World Fashion owner/designer Reimer Ivang some questions about Better World Fashion to give you the customers more of an insight into their brand.  

Where did you get the inspiration from to start Better World Fashion?

The founders of Better World Fashion are all experienced business people with several startups behind them. When we started BWF the goal was to use our experience to solve some of the really big problems in the world. We wanted to show that businesses can be a part of the solution and not only a part of the problem. Personally I witnessed a great change when I got my two kids. The fact that the world not only should last min my lifetime but also last to my kids and grandkids sparked the desire to make a GREAT company. A company that only create winners!

Where do you get your creative direction from for your designs?

We produce show fashion inspired from the Scandinavian design tradition. We want to show that post-consumer waste can be a great resource. Basically we just copy one of the basic processes in nature. Mother nature does not know the concept of trash. In nature there is no landfill. The residue of a process in nature is always the beginning of something new. This is the idea that we have adopted.

What is Better World Fashion main goal?

We want to be a pioneer and beacon in the fashion industry. Our goal is to show the consumer what sustainability really is and how cool it can look.

What is the culture like in Denmark and how do the Danish respond to sustainably living and fashion?

Denmark is one of the most green countries in the world. We have a lot of wind energy and this is something we are proud of. On the other side we are also one of the most resource consuming counties in the world. Every Dane consume what equivalate to three planets every year. So if you count the amount of nature’s resources that is consumed by the Danes we would need three planets every year. This is not sustainable in future and if we need to tackle this, we need forward looking consumers and companies like BWF.  

How do Better World Fashion feel about stocking with Notion Fashion in New Zealand?

We are so happy to expand the Better World Fashion family every day. So far we have jackets walking in over 23 different countries so our international circular movement is expanding as we speak. Notion Fashion is our first contact in New Zealand. We are grateful to collaborate with pioneering companies like Notion Fashion and we really look forward to expand the business to the benefit of all – not at least our common planet.


Thank you Reimer from Better World Fashion for your contribution it has been fantastic to collaborate with Better World Fashion.  You are inspirational to the rest of the world and fashion industry.  “If we sustain the land the land will sustain the people” – My learning from The Treaty of Waitangi. 

Megan xxx