High concept, laid back ease. Introducing one of New Zealand’s hottest emerging designers Courtney Pellow, she is truly sensational.  With Courtney Pellow fashion collections there is a strong tie to New Zealand and a strong influence in developing and designing with sustainable fabrics.  At Notion we pride ourselves in connecting with designers who focus on sustainable continuous improvement. Our world is changing and it needs to change at a more urgent pace as there is no planet B.  If everyone starts to make little improvements this will start to show. Emerging designers are focused on sustainable fashion as they want no wastage when it comes to fabrics as wastage is money down the drain to an emerging designer.  We love this dedication to using all materials to the fullest potential. Notion loves to support the new and up and coming, as we love to support the underdog in New Zealand and we are more and more loving sustainable fashion. No longer do we want $5 dollar t-shirts that lasts maybe six months, we want quality, unique quality.  At Notion we stock the Onehunga Bush shirt which is so cool! The bush man’s shirt is made from upcycled traditional wool blankets, these are very cool and such a unique item of clothing and have such great feedback on social media @notion_fashion . The Gumboot Sock pants, wow! Made from upcycled old work socks, I love these!! The gumboot pants are super comfortable, these pants are a real show off for sustainable pants, so Kiwi.  They say look at me I care about sustainable fashion, I care about climate change and I care about our plant. When choosing designers we look for designers who have a story and concept with values and layers very similar to Notion. For all of us to support each other we need to have a common concept and continuous improvement ideas.


Gigi Hadid & Stan Walker

Courtney Pellow fashion is loved and worn by Gigi Hadid and Stan Walker.  Gigi has been seen wearing Courtney Pellow Gumboot pants and White Camo Cropped denim jeans in Milan at Milan Fashion Week and around town.  This exposure has been followed by Vogue, POPSUGAR, The Zoe Report, The Daily Mail, Sans Pereil and Daily Mail. Follow our links to see the full fashion, celebrity style.  Love Courtney Pellow Gumboot pants, one of my favorite pairs of pants along with the Pull Up Pants Speckled Denim Jeans by Courtney Pellow.


Courtney Pellow

I asked Courtney Pellow some questions about her fashion design to give you the customer more of an insight into her brand.  Thank you, Courtney, for taking the time to answer our questions.  

Where did you get your inspiration from to be a fashion designer?

I wanted to be a fashion designer because I felt like it would not only give the creative and artist side of me an outlet but the leadership and entrepreneurial side too.

Where do you get your creative direction from for your designs?

My creative direction often comes from things around me, like hobbies and interests as well as childhood and nostalgia. A lot of imaginative and creative ideas come from a curious nature I think I’ve always had, wanting to challenge myself and do things outside the box.

What are Courtney Pellow’s main goals?

The main goals are to create a label that can generate jobs, establish a name within NZ, and sell in stores around the world. Keep Up with a sustainable practice and help change the dynamic of the industry whilst creating inspiring and quality clothes!

What are your feelings about sustainable fashion?

As a designer, I strive to contribute more quality over quantity and innovate as much as possible. This means spending more time creating intangible ideas and concepts rather than just making heaps of clothes. Questioning and challenging every design and every step of the creation process is important. It’s all about awareness and innovating. Establishing ethical/sustainable design + production practices from the get-go is nonnegotiable. I wouldn’t find designing and creating clothes enjoyable if I was simply adding to the noise and waste around us. We use high-quality materials that will stand the test of time, innovate through upcycling, and use organic and traceable materials. Producing in NZ is also another core value as I believe it can keep and continue to create jobs and opportunities whilst ensuring ethical practices.

Buy less spend more is my motto!

How does Courtney Pellow feel about stocking with Notion Fashion in New Zealand?

Notion is one of my first stockists which is super exciting! So awesome to see a retail space dedicated to New Zealand products. It’s not just exciting for me but all the other emerging designers that otherwise don’t get a lot of opportunities to see their clothes on rails. You won’t find clothes like it in many other stores around the whole country, it’s very unique.


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