Gillie & Marc 

In 2018 Gillie & Marc installed The Last Three in the heart of New York City.  The incredible 16 – foot tall interactive artwork is being created to raise critical awareness about rhino conservation. 

There are only 3 northern white rhinos left on earth, and their horns are worth more than cocaine.  We’ve poached these marvellous creatures to near extinction, and most people don’t even know about it.  Rhino care-takers protect the last 3 at Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, 24-hours a day.  The male (Sudan) has a low sperm count, and the two females (Najin and Fatu) are infertile, so they cannot breed anymore.

Gillie & Marc want to give the world a chance to say goodbye, and raise awareness through an interactive art installation unlike any you have ever seen before.  The artists have passionately dedicated their lives to stopping the misled demand for rhino horns.

Go to to find out how you can help more.


We love the Gillie & Marc story because our planet is changing rapidly and it is critical we make awareness of this to stop the loss of our animals.  We humans have caused the loss of the rhinos and we human will cause even more animal loss through the effects of climate change.  We must do more to protect.