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My Size

My Size is designed for you the customer.  Designed to enhance your shopping experience, and to focus on right fit first time.  My Size is designed for every gender, because we all love clothes!

Simply follow the step by step guide to start you profile.  You can go back at any stage and update your details.  My Size is confidential and only you will see your personal profile when shopping at Notion.  Default your profile if you wish to see what everyone else is seeing.  

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Right fit first time

My Size is designed for you.  It is designed to help you get right fit first time and to enhance your shopping experience because shopping should be fun!!  We understand that not every designers pattern cut is exactly the same size,  so went you are shopping at Notion simply complete your details on the My Size feature and we will do all of the rest of the hard work in the back ground.  My Size will take your body measurements and filter the styles and sizing to help you get the best fit first time.  


My Size is designed for all genders not just men & women but non binary as well.  Non-binary is a catch-all category for gender identities that are not exclusively masculine or feminine-identities, they may express a combination of masculine and femininity or neither in their gender expression.   At Notion we believe in having a ethical responsibility towards the way people are treated, we believe in treating everybody equal including humans that are non-binary.

 “Be yourself because everybody else is taken”


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