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George & Edi are a boutique fragrance company based in the beautiful resort town of Lake Wanaka, New Zealand. Our goal from day one has been to create timeless, quality products that are beautiful in their simplicity, with fragrances that will endure and bring a little luxury to the every day….

Sarah & Rose

As we sit here (August 2018) and think about what to update on our website, we find ourselves reminiscing on the journey GEORGE & EDI has been on since it all began back in 2011 (over 7 years now), we are both fiercely proud of our achievements, but also deeply impatient with big goals and we want to get there tomorrow.  If you are ever in earshot of us, you will always hear the lament ” where did the day go, we haven’t got enough done yet!!”  – I know this sound Sarah & Rose!!  Great to have you on board with Notion Fashion to add to the great concept!!

Who are GEORGE & EDI?

We are a couple of creative, quiet acchievers who like to just get on and ‘make things happen’ and stay behind the scenes.  We wanted to let our fragrances and ‘products do the talking’ and hope they tell you the story of who we are, how passionate and driven we are and the quality and ‘the little details’ are important to us.  We want you to enjoy the experience when purchasing a piece of GEORGE & EDI and feel you have spoilt yourself, with a well made, beautiful fragranced gift.

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