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Meg & Co. is New Zealand made fashion with a key focus of providing sustainable classic clothing that is durable and provides comfort.   Meg & Co. values align with the slow fashion movement.  We aim to create durable garments with minimal environmental impact, that have extended a lifetime.

Designer range

Shetland Camel Coat

NZD $1,249.00


Zulu Long Jumper

NZD $485.00

8 10 12 14

The Gemma Dress

NZD $449.00


Cameroon Tie Culottes Pants

NZD $339.00

8 10 12 14

Wool | Sustainable | Recyclable | Biodegradable

Wool is a naturally produced renewable resource that has a long service life, it can be recycled and is biodegradable at the end of its life cycle.  Used garments can be stripped back to their raw fibre stage and be remade into yarn allowing them to be in circulation for a long period of time, reducing its carbon footprint.  Recycled wool fibres can also form the basis of housing insulation and mattress padding.  Extending the lifespan of wool even further.  Wool is biodegradable when buried in soil unlike synthetic fibres.  


Lia Hardy

Lia is a savvy young lady straight out of the Otago Polytechnic.  She has an incredible drive and passion for New Zealand Fashion and especially sustainable New Zealand Fashion.  Meg & Co. the first collection oozes rustic simplicity with 100% wool and recycled polyester threads.  Lia Hardy is like Megan Fairley, owner/founder of Notion.  She is ex Cadburys, and she too has walked the rough of that redundancy.  Now New Zealand you have another inspiring story of hope and fashion from the depths of a redundancy.   


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