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Better World Fashion

The world is in need of something new.
Not new things.
But new ideas.
Better World Fashion is a new idea.
We revolutionize the way we produce, sell and own clothes.

Desginer Range

Our Manifest

We revolutionize the way we produce clothes. And while our product consists of used materials, it is still new: We transform used leather, discarded plastic bottles and recycled metal into new, modern leather jackets. It almost sounds too simple to be true, we know. In this way, we reduce the environmental impact on the world. And that’s what’s needed.  

The Concept

A new leather jacket made of used leather jackets. With lining of recycled plastic and buttons of re-melted metal. Sounds crazy? No, sounds awesome!  All our products are 98 % reuse and 100 % unique – pure Danish design, responsibly produced in Poland. Our jackets are probably the world’s most sustainable leather jackets and we offer them for both women and men.  Made in Poland, designed in Denmark. 

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