On-trend in Europe at the moment is the pouch handbag with drawstring.  This is our version of the Small Money Handbag and Large Money Handbags by Sionell Urlich.  I myself have a Large Black Money handbag by Sionell and absolutely love it.  The larger version of this handbag is great for all of your essentials plus more and the small money handbag is just the perfect cute size for all for your essentials.  Each handbag comes with a drawstring which is long enough to be double tied.  This cute little leather drawstring handbag has a secret pocket inside to hide all of those important things and is fully lined inside with a black and white stripe while the outside of your handbag is beautifully stooped in the softest deer leather.  The straps on the handbags are detachable so can be easily removed, which makes them the perfect little handbag to hand on our beautiful Normann Copenhagen racking.  Or why not sit your handbag flat, the big flat bottom makes this easy.  The Money Handbag either large or small is the perfect pick to add to your summer collection this 2018.  Summer is coming and it is only weeks away, so Ladies it time to turn over those wardrobes for good and adopt some new fresh pieces into your collections.  Invest in pieces that will take yours through summer and beyond.  The perfect handbag can be the right anchor to help enhance your look and take you into the warm weather days of a New Zealand Summer.  All of Sionell’s latest Handbag collection at Notion was designed and made right here in Dunedin, New Zealand which makes it even more special.  For all of you who buy and support NZ made you are awesome!!!  Because this is what truly keeps our country moving.