I fell in love with Dose & Co. right from the first pick up point.  They are sustainable, the products are extremely natural. Getting back to nature is so important for me and especially connecting with the environment, this helps me and so many others when it comes to mental health healing.  This is something very special that you get from Libby Matthews as so many other brands out there on the market are all about the image of the person holding the product and not the product itself.


I love this product to bits and we are selling out like hotcakes all the time!!!  When you get to the age of 40 your collagen starts to break down so much faster so it needs to be replaced and if you are going to replace it Ladies do it with a natural product.  Going through the mental health stresses of Cadburys and starting Notion, my hair became a mess it started to fall out so much so I started on the vanilla collagen from Dose & Co. and what a difference it has made!! I have got my old locks back.  


In a world where everything’s getting rapidly more complex, it seems almost natural that there’s been a massive movement towards celebrating the simple and no-fuss. It’s not nostalgia – it’s just natural.

Dose & Co. founder Libby Matthews combined her studies in naturopathy and nutrition to design a range of products that are healthy and delicious. With Dose & Co products, you’ll sustain and support your body and mind all while being kind to the planet.


True health and wellness come from the little things we do every day as part of our larger purpose. Dose & Co. products are designed to fit seamlessly into your daily routine, wherever your flow takes you.

Whether it’s a scoop of protein in your post-workout smoothie or a little addition to your morning coffee, we know that the easier it is for you to adopt a habit, the longer you’ll enjoy the benefits.


We believed it was critical to work with food technologists who knew how to formulate the best possible product, but who also had taste-buds. Quite simply, we didn’t sacrifice science for taste.

Dose & Co. products contain a range of nutritional benefits like promoting and aiding digestion and are allergies and GMO-free.

Each one of our products is delicious and nutritious, with nothing suspicious.


Did you know that one million plastic bottles are bought every minute around the world and almost every single piece of plastic that has ever been created still exists today?  

At Dose & Co they are extremely proud to announce that our packaging is plastic-free.  We made it our aim to make our packaging as sustainable as possible to create a positive environmental impact.  

The canisters are made from cardboard, our scoop is made from wheatgrass, our drink bottle is made from glass, even our box tape is made from paper.  

As we grow, we will be working with our suppliers to cut down on any plastics used in our supply chain.  We’re on a mission to rid the world of plastic waste and we want you to be a part of it. Together we truly can transform the planet.  

At Notion, we use compostable courier bags and rock paper delivery bags.  When starting Notion I was told not to focus on the sustainable side of the business as it would be far too expensive.  I did not listen to them, I watched a Chocolate Company do any extremely horrific unsustainable act with plastic during a factory shut down which has left so many people scarred mentally.  There is no planet B. We must do this for our future generations to come, it is that simple.


Thanks for the fantastic support with the purchases of Dose & Co.  We love that product it has helped me so much so want to share these successes with you all.  Message Megan when supplies have run out and will we endeavor to get our next supply to you as quickly as possible.  I will also add our own stunning recipes to @notion_fashion to check out over the coming weeks.  M xx 

megan@notionfashion.co.nz    @notion_fashion 


Prep time: 25 minutes

Cook time: 5 minutes

Total: 30 minutes

Yields: 10 balls


1 serving Dose & Co Protein Powder of choice

½ cup oats

1 cup almond flour

½ cup peanut butter

1 tablespoon coconut oil, melted

½ teaspoon cinnamon

Chocolate layer:

¾ cup chocolate chips, melted


Freeze-dried berries


In a food processor blend until the ball ingredients until smooth.

Using a tablespoon, scoop out mixture and roll into balls. Put them onto a plate and place in the freezer for 20 minutes. To cover the balls in chocolate, place a ball onto a spoon, and dip into the melted chocolate. Place the balls back onto a plate, cover with toppings, and place back into the freezer before serving. Store these in an airtight container in the fridge.


Message me awesome your amazing Dose & Co. recipes and let’s do something fab with this on social!!! Stay posted for details!!! 

M xx