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If you’re looking to buy NZ boutique clothing online, Notion is your one stop shop showcasing NZ designer fashion

Notion brings you a unique collection of women’s and men’s fashion clothing online, as well as jewellery and handbags, by leading and emerging New Zealand designers. Our range includes Beats, Courtney Pellow,Β DEVΓ L, GEO J OFFICIAL, Jane Sutherland,Β JOJO ROSS,Β Hailwood,Β ISBIM, Karen Walker Eyewear, Meg & Co.,Β Minicami and Standard Issue. Included in the range are ethical fashion brands that focus on sustainable clothing.

Complementing our New Zealand fashion designers are International designers, Better World Fashion, Gillie and Marc, HUNTRLND, Zoe Karssen, and now beautiful Australian handbags from Respiro.

Passionate about fashion and the customer experience, Megan Fairley established Notion to showcase New Zealand designer clothing and accessories online, making them available to you, no matter where you are in New Zealand or the world. She also cares deeply about giving back to society and has created t-shirts for the NZ I Am Hope charity.

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My Size is designed for you the customer. Β Designed to enhance your shopping experience, and to focus on right fit first time. Β My Size is designed for every gender, because we all love clothes!


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