I am so excited about this fashion designer!!! I have been on the hunt for a luxe wellness activewear brand since the beginning of Notion.  I love to exercise and it is a must to my everyday life to keep myself balanced. I am not naturally fit it is something I have to work at every day and since I was 19 years old I have exercised just about every day.  When I was 19 years old my Dad suffered a massive heart attack they left the bottom chamber of his heart muscle dead. To make matters worse while lying in his hospital bed the trucking company he had managed for 40 years made him redundant.  His heart was physically and emotionally damaged, this kicked me into regular exercise because I didn’t want the same thing happening to me. Thank you, Dad, for this push because in 2017/18 I had my heart emotionally damaged when I was made redundant from Cadburys in Dunedin.  Without having regular exercise to relieve the stress and emotion I am not sure how sometimes I would have coped.  


I was feeding through fashion blogs over the last month and came across a blog about the top ten activewear companies to watch out for.  This is where I found HUNTRLND.  As soon as I saw the first lot of images and read the values associated with HUNTRLND I was hooked.  

“Our purpose is to pave the way as a leading luxe-wellness brand by spreading our message of conscious living and empowering through to women all over the globe.”

I love HUNTRLND brand ethos it has strong connections to what we are driving to achieve at Notion.  The HUNTRLND brand is also about continually reinventing yourself, learning and growing each day, living consciously, living with purpose, and living with positivity and love.  

After being made redundant from Cadburys this is pretty much what Megan has had to do, and as part of the Notion, the journey is to inspire others to do the same in reinventing themselves and growing each day with a purpose and living positively with love.

HUNTRLND’s latest collection that is about to drop at Notion is full of activewear tights, luxe fashion puffer jackets, slick headwear, luxe activewear tops, and designer fashion shorts.  This fashion collection range from HUNTRLND is a stunning collection of luxe fashion activewear. HUNTRLND truly deserve their place at the top of the activewear fashion market.

There is nothing better than when going for a walk or exercising than looking great at the same time in luxe activewear, it brings confidence and inspires empowerment which is so important to women today.  I believe it is so important to help inspire and empower the women of today so this is why I bring HUNTRLND to Notion. For a long time, I could not understand the women’s movement but now as a boss girl, I can see why there is so much hype.  In my journey to build Notion, I have been knocked down a lot, and I mean a lot, and a lot of those that have knocked me down have been male. I believe women have a stronger role to play in today’s global world and to help the women of today build confidence and empowerment we at Notion bring to you Ladies HUNTRLND.  #inspire #love #wellbeing

Luv Megan xxx