From being made redundant from a company that was not sustainable in a factory shut down it was then my value that I was going to make Notion as sustainable as I possibly could and to always continually strive to work towards making Notion better.  

The world is a changing place so I strive to take on more designers who are also continually striving to make a difference to our environment that we live in.  At Notion we truly sustainable designers such as Standard Issue from New Zealand who focus on zero waste by making all of their garments from scratch, to the amazing fashion designers of Denmark who are about to land at Notion, Better World Fashion.  Better World Fashion sell 98% recycled leather jackets. They even rent these jackets on their website where the customer can decide to purchase the jacket they can receive a new jacket. Garments such as the leather jackets from Better World Fashion are unique because they are one offs that no one else will own.  They have a sustainable story about how and why they produce recycled leather jackets, which then creates a connection with the customer.


I love these companies because they are not scared to be different or make a difference.  At Notion all of our products are delivered by hand to our Dunedin customers so we make a connection with our customers.  Our garments out of The Notion Studio are delivery in rock paper packaging. Our rock paper packaging is supplied by Porter Packaging and Notion are on of the first online sites to go straight to rock paper.  Rock Paper is revolutionary paper made from 80% crushed stone (retrieved from quarry waste and industry offcuts which would normally go to landfill) that is bound together by a non-toxic HDPE resin, to form a beautiful matte textured paper.  All the while leaving the Earth’s natural water supplies and forests to do what they do best.



For our nation wide deliveries we send out our garments in compostable courier bags from The Better Packaging Co.  The Better Packaging mission is to find the world’s most sustainable packaging solutions, solutions that consider the complete lifecycle impact of a product from raw material sourcing, right through to end-of-life disposal.  Our compostable courier bags are made partly from plants and they feel exactly like plastic, EXCEPT when disposed of!!! Our compostable courier bags are resuseable and will degrade with no toxic residues and they are compostable at home!  

I find it unacceptable today that I still see retail out lets sending out their sales in plastic courier bags.  It is not just down to the New Zealand public to do their bit for the environment and Climate Change it is small and large businesses responsibility to respond to the urgency as well.  It hits home in Dunedin as we are the most risk to Climate Change and have 3000 homes 50 cm or less above sea level in South Dunedin. Every little bit makes a difference.

“If we sustain the land the land will sustain the people”

Megan xx