www.notionfashion.co.nz-Recycled by Megan

Kia ora,

My first goal was to bring you the most exciting emerging fashion that is incredibly sustainable.  Already filling Notion is an incredible list of sustainable fashion from the likes of Better World Fashion in Denmark who specializes in 98% recycled leather jackets, to the sustainable giants of New Zealand Standard Issue who produce zero waste garments right too the exciting upcycle fashion designer Courtney Pellow who is loved by the likes of Gigi Hadid and Stan Walker.

Then I introduced recycled designer fashion!!  This is pretty exciting news, over the years I have collected some stunning pieces that you will love so much.  Within hours of loading my first collection drop onto the site, a Deadly Ponies bag was snapped up.  Their eyes watching the site, so when a super stunning piece drops move fast amazing people because all recycled stock is one-offs at Notion.   

The world is changing fast, and COVID-19 has just pushed this along quicker with the growing call for New Zealanders to support locally made products.  Our fashion industry is a slow one, made up of fantastic talent and higher quality, collector items that will sit in your wardrobe and be passed down from generation to generation like it was in the old days.

Notion. is full of the hottest sustainable fashion; this sustainable fashion is sometimes called slow fashion. In the last few years, a wave of change has been sweeping through the fashion industry, powered by real truths about its implications on the planet, people, and animals. An increasing number of brands are rejecting the principles of Fast Fashion, as a more sustainable approach to making clothes comes to the fore. The Slow Fashion movement has arrived. So what is Slow Fashion? 

Fast Fashion v’s Slow Fashion

Fast fashion denotes lower-quality, low-priced, mass-produced, and machine-made garments that quickly end up in landfills. Slow fashion garments, in contrast, are made by hand, consume time to produce, use artistic talent, have better quality, and are priced higher. Slow fashion garments are naturally warm and comfortable throughout washes. These can last for years or even a lifetime. Sustainable fashion is concerned with the use of fibers from organic, recycled, repurposed, and upcycled materials. The selection is made by opting for materials with fewer chemicals, dyes, energy, less resource, less waste, and minimal impact.

In the purest form, Slow Fashion is awareness and approach to fashion, which considers the processes and resources required to make clothing, mainly focusing on sustainability. It involves buying better-quality garments that will last for longer and value fair treatment of people, animals, and the planet.

Our planet doesn’t need saving it simply needs more love and for people to love it more.  We can a hundred percent to this by supporting our sustainable fashion designers. By doing so we support New Zealand made and help our designers to not only pay their bills and put food on the table, we give them support, kindness, courage, and strength to keep moving forward and developing and enhance their amazing fashion brands along the way.  It is a powerful thing to help others, and for me, my little local is New Zealand.  Because I have had awesome support from all over New Zealand.  We are one. 

Together, New Zealand we can make fashion a design challenge where we continue to push and support our industry to innovate and adapt without compromising the quality of our people’s lives.  More than even we must become sustainable without taking jobs away from people.  Jobs make people feel valued.  

Thank you to all of the awesome people who have supported the Notion journey, you are so incredibly!!! I kinda like to save the best to last so have some stunning jackets and dresses from the likes of Trelise Cooper, and Karen Walker.  Yes and there are more Deadly Ponies to come, you will not believe how many this Queen has tucked away!!! You will see why I love fashion!!! 

M xx. #together4nzfashion