Being myself.  More than ever in this world it is important to be yourself without feeling judged.  I am a half kiwi, half Northern Irish woman who spent 17 years of her life working inside one of the most incredible places.  This incredible place was Cadburys in Dunedin, the history surrounding the people, the building and culture is enormous.  Being incredibly honest I have felt from some people jealousy towards this incredible culture of kindness, love, laughter, and respect.  It is nothing to be jealous of, it takes years and years to build a culture like this, you can see some businesses trying but know they will fail because there is one key element always missing. You can message me if you want to know what this is!! A culture like this should be embraced, it was the first place that I felt comfortable to be myself without being judged.  Right down to wearing amazing clothes into work, we were never allowed to were these clothes of course inside the factory we had a beautiful period, not a friendly white uniform.  Walking from the car park into the Cadburys factory was like a fashion parade for some of us who love designer clothes, yes factory workers can love New Zealand designer fashion too!!  I say this because I have had plenty of people laugh at me the women from the Chocolate factory who started her own online platform, you certainly get the feeling that you are not cool enough for some.  This is so wrong as there are so many women and men that love designer fashion but feel intimidated or feel like they will be judged when they walk into a boutique.  I hear this all the time.  Notion is in no way like this I continue to embrace the culture from the Chocolate factory, as I believe it is important to create a space where customers feel comfortable shopping for fashion.  Fashion should be fun, yes it is not just about style it needs to bring you joy if you are investing in such luxe sustainable pieces.  Notion is different, just like myself and we are not changing the model to suit those in the fashion industry who have already made the comment that they don’t like the direction Notion is going. They can think what they like, I don’t care I concentrate on Notion and building my brand for you our amazing customers to enjoy!!  

Let’s talk fashion

Notion is a concept to bring the hottest emerging designer fashion, a sustainable fashion that is mixed with incredible unique leading designs.  I have pulled together some of the most unique fashion New Zealand has ever seen.  I support the emerging fashion industry because I understand how hard it is to start at the bottom.  Some retail doesn’t want Notion. to exist, so you can imagine how hard it is for a new designer trying to break through into the NZ market.  So tough.  Hard work comes to Notion by hustling with a heart and that hustle has brought the likes of the incredible JOJO ROSS who developed her fashion career and label out of the Otago Polytechnic. Now as an Auckland based designer JOJO ROSS begun her eponymous label in 2016. Previously known for her complex conceptual pieces she has featured in Vogue Italia’s 100 designers to watch and in 2014 was selected as one of the world’s top 100 emerging designers by powerhouse website Not Just a Label to showcase her work in Italy. She has also shown at New Zealand Fashion Week and has been featured in numerous international publications.

 GEOJ is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Georgia Josephine is the 19-year-old, creative mind behind the designs. GEOJ has been showcased in various fashion events around the world including, New Zealand, New York, and Milan Fashion Week.  GEO J is one of the most amazing young ladies I have met she has had to diversify herself over and over to adapt to her medical conditions, and from these struggles, we have one of New Zealand’s super talents of designer unique fashion from designer furs to beautiful silhouettes. 

Courtney Pellow, man do we love this amazing person; the urban cool from Courtney Pellow is so incredibly easy to wear. Courtney Pellow is a multifaceted fashion designer navigating the traverse between wear-ability and nuances of personal expression.  Workwear and garish shapes are fused with inventive textiles and print narratives, offering engaging ready to wear. 

ISBIM, so so supportive of this Lady down south!! ISBIM was founded in 2006 by Joshua Jang in Auckland, New Zealand, fashion label ISBIM (standing for ‘I Still Believe In Miracles’) has built its reputation in edgy, high-end urban wear. The brand constantly evolves the understanding of special fabrications, aesthetics of the design, definition of body art, and belief in miracles with each collection.  ISBIM has an amazing edge.


Sionell Bags Kiwi designer Sionell Urlich who now resides in Australia has a passion for practical, yet beautiful bags.  She loves exciting people with gorgeous, timeless products.  Gorgeous soft leather bags with exceptional quality and an incredible price!! 

And then there is me!! Life is about self-love and being myself, so here comes my little luxe urban collection to bring the empowerment back to the people.  Creating Notion has been extremely tough along this journey I have been laughed and had retail (in New Zealand) tell New Zealand designers to stop stocking with me because they don’t like the direction Notion is heading?  This behaviour by others leaves you feeling ashamed, worthless and left me in a very bad mental health space.  You felt like you didn’t fit in and people would never let you have a little place in this industry, the fashion industry.  I’ve learnt something, confidence is not “they will like me”, confidence is “I’ll be fine if they don’t”.  I live in my own little world.  But it’s ok, they know me here, from now on, I’ll connect the dots my own way.  My little luxe collection is about embracing who you are, owning it, with your head held so high that you can no longer hear the knockers of this world laughing at you.  Coming soon….

Be yourself because everyone is taken. 

M xx Chocolate Queen