I am always looking for something different when it comes to fashion and clothing.  Fashion and clothing to accessories are a way to express yourself.  We have a large saturation of leather handbags in the New Zealand market and some of them have become very similar and very high in price.  We love Sionell Bags out an incredible designer who established herself from the Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin.  Notion is located in Dunedin is not only a Dunedin first, but a New Zealand first when it comes to fashion as we have had the resilience to support the emerging designer fashion industry, and of course I have had plenty of people who have laughed at myself and the journey.  So on the hunt for embracing different I found one of the most stunning handbags designers in the world right next door in Australia.  Respiro Studio.

Respiro Studio is taking over the Instagram: an iridescent swirl of resin swinging from the palms of everyone from Yasmin Suteja to Trine Kjær and Babba Rivera. It’s big enough to hold your cell phone and your wallet. Even a lip gloss or two. It’s Respiro Studio’s art deco bags.

Australia-based designer Ana Piteira is no novice to creating a brand that garners a rabid fan base. She launched her first jewelry label Reliquia in 2015 before pivoting into playful resin jewelry with her vintage-inspired collection, Valet, which caught the attention of retailers by the likes of Selfridges, Liberty London, Galeries Lafayette, Harvey Nichols, Luisaviaroma, Opening Ceremony, and Net-a-Porter. Before long she was extending the technique she perfected for Valet into a bag collection—enter Respiro Studio. “With Valet, our products are crafted from hand-poured resin sheets where colors are layered to create unique textures. I felt that this method could lend itself to bags in a way that would even better showcase the resin,”.  As this was being written Respiro has grown to the likes of The Iconic and now a playful collection today June the 18th has appeared in Notion. 

But it took some ideation to get the design *just* right. “Jewelry can stand on its own as it fulfills a mostly aesthetic purpose, whereas the functional aspect of handbags made me rethink the design process and change our approach to ensure wearability. We wanted to accommodate the size of our smartphones and daily essentials whilst still partaking in the small bag trend.” By June, Respiro Studio will launch an extended colorway and larger tote styles. We bet you can’t wait to see what those look like.  So here we go, awesome people, Notion in Dunedin have a Dunedin/New Zealand first we now stock these incredible bags by Respiro studio. 

I have stocked the iconic range by Alexia first up which has a simple art deco style big enough for all of your essential items but not so big that it is a large over powering handbag.  Respiro bags are so unique they will turn heads and start the conversation rolling.  We then moved on to the beautiful Diana bag and Flower bag, so stunning both of them.  I have the Diana bag for its boxy shape and multi-color it has an incredible edge that screams look at me.  The flower bag, wow!! Will turn heads right from the get-go.  Incredible design, and so different.  Different wins in the fashion industry, embrace who you are, celebrate who you are, and wear it up. 

I never plan on fitting in the fashion industry I am only interested in standing out, and I want my customers to be empowered by the incredible garments that they purchase from Notion. to stand out and to be themselves.  

Yes, I will keep adding more to the incredible Respiro range, in the meant time if there is something that you really want and it is not on the Notion site contact me I will help you get it.  megan@notionfashion. 

Our leather handbag designer Sionell has also got some incredibly exciting new looks on the way, we even have a collaboration in the works!!  A collaboration that will be celebrated with some white and gold.  Watch this space more exciting stuff to come from Notion.

For a woman from a Chocolate factory, who was laughed at and labeled as having no intellect because she came from a Chocolate factory to building Notion. and all the incredible concepts and collaborations so far this is pretty amazing.  So spread the word, the bigger I can make Notion. the more incredible this creative mind of a savvy woman from a Chocolate Factory will flow.      

M xx